About Us

Americademy is a licensed international academy officially registered in the United States – California under the number C3981105. We provide post-graduate studies, professional diplomas and training courses through distance education. We have also built an electronic platform where anyone from anywhere in the world can acquire scientific and professional information, skills and expertise and use it in their field of work as well as help them obtain certified certificates from the US Department of State and International Embassies.

Our Vision and Mission

We are a leading professional learning academy providing international knowledge


to bring about a comprehensive global community renaissance. We are hoping to help people from anywhere around the world develop themselves and transform their careers to the best by giving them access to graduate studies without the hassle of traveling abroad. All of this will be done according to a professional international education curriculum, using the latest technologies and innovative methods, and in the highest quality possible.

Maintaining the quality of education.

Education is a right for all.

Making education and training fun and entertaining.

Professional ethical commitment.

Credibility and transparency.

Our goals/ We want to:

  • Raise the academy’s levels of professional education according to the أهدافناinternational quality standards.
  • Strengthen the relations of partnership and cooperation with the local, regional and international institutions.
  • Introduce new professional educational systems and methods according to the international standards.
  • Develop the scientific studies and research and make it active in achieving sustainable development.