The Training Packages Accreditation

The American Academy offers its Certified Trainers the opportunity for their own training packages to be accredited by the Academy and published on its official website. The academy will also make sure to give credits to the trainer/trainers who worked on the making of the package. That is because the academy want to help those trainers get their names out there and introduce them to whoever is interested in their work.  For the training package to be  accredited by the Academy, the trainer must follow the following steps:

The Training Packages Accreditation

1- The applicant has to apply for admission to the American Academy as a trainer or as an institution.

2- The applicant should prepare the training package according to the American Academy’s quality standards for training packages accreditation.


3- The trainer/institution must submit  an application for the package’s accreditation by filling out our electronic form for training packages accreditation.

4- In case the package was approved for accreditation, an e-mail will be sent to the applicant informing him/her of the approval. The package will also be immediately published on the official website of the academy under the name of the trainer or institution who made it.

A specialized committee in the Department of Studies and Research in the Academy will be supervising the process of the training packages accreditation.