One of the advantages offered by the American Board of Accreditation and Quality is the program of accreditation of centers, institutes and training facilities. Therefore, Americademy is working on a join cooperation with the accredited partner institutions to raise efficiency and provide expertise and accreditation according to the International standards.

The Documents required for the accreditation
  • Fill in the Center / Institution / Company’s Application Form.
  • An Official letter of application signed by the Foundation.
  • A Copy of the organization license.
  • The Administrative structure.
  • A Sketch Map (if available)
  • The Profile of the institution (mission, vision, goals, specialized training programs)
  • A Copy of the lease / ownership contract.
  • The CV of the Center Director.
  • Contact information.

** All the required documents should be sent via the previous form in the form of a WinRAR/WinZip file.

** A team of specialists should be visiting the institution to get to know it or an interview could be done online instead.

The Privileges to be obtained by the institution
  • Obtaining accredited certificates for courses, training programs and professional diplomas from the Academy.
  • Obtaining an (accredited Center Certificate) according to the quality standards adopted by the Academy.
  • The Foundation will join the American fellowship program.
  • A special page for the Foundation and information on how to contact it and its activities will be available on the Academy’s website.
  • There will be Continuous communication, and the institution will be provided with the latest programs and training activities at an international level.
  • (3) training packages will be gifted to the Foundation for free in its first year.
  • Getting all the articles, researchs and studies on everything related to training and human development for free.
  • The Access to the Academy’s books and training packages for free.
  • Special discount on the Academy’s tuition fees for members, employees and students of the institution.
  • The institution’s trainers will get accreditation as members in the Academy in accordance with accreditation standards with a reduced fee of 50%.
  • Getting Certificates issued and certified by the Academy at reduced fees, in accordance with the established standards and standards.
  • The Center / Institution is granted 15 certificates issued and certified by the Academy for a one-time free course / training program (not including postage), knowing that the courier fees vary from country to country.
  • Providing management and marketing advice to the organization through a specialized advisory team.
  • All certificates can be certified by the US Department of State at an additional charge.
  • The Membership and annual membership fees (600 $) are renewed annually through the approved payment methods.