Translation services


Americademy offers a variety of translation services.  The Academy has a network of highly qualified certified translators with several years of experience. The purpose is to provide the best quality translation to the customers who choose one of our translation services, taking into consideration the quality and prices suitable for customers and companies.  We are also interested in confidentiality in translating documents and papers for companies. It is important to mention that Americademy will only be satisfied with providing its translation services in the highest quality standards possible with competitive prices and unparalleled customer service. A US team will be working to meet your translation requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specialized Translation Service


Specialized translation with different projects is one of Americademy’s top priorities. We are well aware that some disciplines in the field of translation sometimes overlap with other disciplines because the text to be translated may contain elements from different fields. To ensure the implementation of projects with the highest quality possible, a specialized team supervises everything.  This is because we do not aim to provide a literal translation, but to provide the translation of meaning as well as transferring the ideas according to the culture of the author and his style of writing. We believe that translation is an independent art, which depends on the translator’s sense and creativity on how to formulate the meaning and bring the differences between cultures from the source language to the target language.

Urgent translation service

It provides translation with the option of urgent delivery. If this option is requested, you will receive the quotation on the same day and the translation the next day depending on the size of the document.

The Proofreading Service

It is a comprehensive editing service to help you put your ideas clearly and effectively in a perfect language before submitting or publishing your papers. If this service is requested, we will correct linguistic errors and misspellings as well as ensure that the spelling patterns are consistent throughout the document. For example, the British dialect against the American dialect, and the important elements in the scientific and professional writing, such as the references within the text, footnotes, concluding comments, checklists, tables, numbers, subheadings and other basic details. We will put all of these details into attention to make your work as perfect as possible.

ترجمة المواقع

Websites Translation Service

Once this type of service is requested, the customer will receive a quotation and a time for the service’s delivery. In order to suit the needs of our customers, our prices may vary according to the difficulty, length, text format and delivery deadlines.

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